Image Masking service by Photoshop with hand drawn is quitean easy find these days. However, getting used to the best tools along with contemporary service is becoming a tough a job to be honest. Photoshop masking most of the time is used for preparing product catalogs. And those catalogues or edited pictures are widely placed for advertisement purposes in E-commerce website or any other product selling/service based website.

“Photo Retouching India” offers quality image masking through the team of expert professional. Being in a competitive business arena, “PhotoRetouchingIndia” is likely to facilitate with the outsourcing offer taken from B2B & B2C company even photographer within affordable budget range. Our extremely talented graphic designers are waiting to let you comprehend with services like multiple masking clipping path, color or correction masking, animation and may more with utmost perfection.


What is Image Masking?

Image masking is a sort of clipping path method like knocking out the background for any image and use it for various reasons. There are some additional services also included in masking category such as hair masking, fur masking, layer masking etc.

Model White Background

What are the Benefits of Image Masking?

  • Removing picture background with gradient transparencies

  • Isolate targeted figure or image from embedded background

  • Creating transparency with deceiving the clarity

  • Change background with little customization

  • Eliminate background color from normal/see-through images

  • Creating ads, magazine covers, printing media advertisements and many more with models

  • Dropping shadows of cherished picture to work evenly with nice edges

  • Permits saving complex silhouette draft with the certain image for using it later

We offer Photoshop Image Masking Service in the following categories:

  • Alpha Channel Masking

  • Advanced or Complex Layer (Hair & Fur) Masking

  • Photoshop Collage Masking

Why choose US for your next Image Masking Service needs?

  • Experience, that’s what we count to refer ourselves for your upcoming clipping masking needs. Being one of the most promising image editing service provider in town, our highly professional team has decades of extensive work experience and capable to meet your each demand. Just check out the reasons as following:

    • Consummately process any image or Photoshop college masking orders

    • Remain concerned about client’s deadline to submit work

    • Thoroughly work to satisfy every single requirement of each customer’s

    • We take each job seriously. No project is too big or too small!

    • Highly skilled image editor is always ready to offer standard and cost effective service

    • Budget oriented service package to facilitate clients need

    We’d highly appreciate you to try us on a trial basis at-least for once before you step into anything serious for your business purpose. Justify our work and service providing capability 1st. Send us your image along with requirements, we’d be back to you within an hour.


What’s the expense?

We offer top-notch image editing facility including hair masking, Alpha channel masking and layer masking with optimum quality. Our objective is to serve our clients with the minimal cost in 100% prevailing manner. Depending on the quantity of work as per client’s demand, we take $5 to $20 per image. The prize may vary based on group shot, picture resolution etc. We presumably fix the price range after a brief consultation between our experts and clients.

“Photo Retouching India” is committed to exhibit professional approach for 24/7. We’d love to provide the most effective and price consuming image masking service to you. Knock us and enjoy the best available image masking service before it’s too late.