Physical photography had been the best way of keeping memories few years back. But digital photography has taken the place of physical photography now. There are too many options to save a photograph in digital ways. So the physical photography has lost its appeal to us.

Digital photography started its impression strongly from 10 years ago. But all of us must have many sweet memories before the digital photography era began. And most of them are stuck to physical photography. But physical photography has a big problem as these images were printed on special paper coating. This special paper is a mixture of ink and chemicals. That is why it does not exist for a long time. Because of excess humidity and inappropriate storage, most part of the image can be damaged within a very short time. As a result, we can not use these images further. Nowhere comes the terms of ‘Photo Restoration’.

Digital photo restoration is the process of creating and editing of a physical photograph in digital photograph which has been damaged by natural, human or simply affected by age or sloppiness. This is a process of removing visible damage and aging effects from digital copies of physical photographs.

When a physical photo gets damaged, it requires a lot of cleaning up activities like repairing torn objects in old photographs, removing unwanted shadows or distracting objects and much more. It means you can get your photo adjusted in terms of contrast,sharpness and color levels and erase those scratches with Old Photo Restoration service. You can also apply special effects, restore those missing and damaged section of your photos and merge photos or objects in one canvas and remove water damage by just spending little time.

Why choose Photo Retouching India?

Photo Retouching India is specialized in repairing your treasured photographs and turns them as new as before. We provide Photo Restoration Service in digital version here with perfect manipulation and enhancement. We have restored countless damaged and old photos. We work on photos in any condition to provide perfect Photoshop Restoration service. Our sole aim is to restore photos and stay close to its original photo as far as possible.

Damaged, worn or flawed photos can get better from digital restoration and retouch by our skilled designer here at Photo Retouching India. We restore or manipulate your photos using the Photoshop art tools to correct and enhance color exposure, sharpen or soften borders and lines and apply recolor and image color corrections. We are specialist on old photo restoration. We can remove imperfections, flaws and defects from original photos.

Our services:

  • Old Photo Restoration
  • Digital Photo Recovery
  • Adjustment of Faded Images
  • Photo Alterations
  • Restoring of custom borders
  • Remove large scratches and blemishes
  • Color Adjustment of Yellow Images
  • Add Filter Effects
  • Color Black and White Photos
  • Removal of stains
  • Restoring of damages due to loss of pigments and chemical coats
  • Repairing color discoloration
  • Bringing back of moldy, torn, cracked or folded images
  • Removing of album glue damage
  • Removal of tears, dirt and scratches
  • Repairing of minor shake and bad lighting
  • Repairing of Silver Fish damage
  • Adding of color to black and white photos
  • Re-applying of colorization

Photo conservation and quality photo repairs are most significant to us because it brings your memories alive. We provide guarantee in repairing the scratched, damaged, ragged photos into clear one as before. We are promised to protect your valuable photos. When you capture some pictures it turns into a memory.This memory becomes a treasure in future. So give us your treasures to make it new through our Photo Restoration Services. We will make it an everlasting moment of your life.