When the mannequin is cut out to give a clothing photo a 3D look, it is called the ghost mannequin service. It is also identified as the invisible mannequin effect. Though models are best for photographing attire, mannequins also have some exclusive use. The purpose of using mannequins is to lessen the cost of the human model. Not all eCommerce businesses can afford models to shoot photos with their attire products. In that case, a less expensive way is to shoot with a mannequin. Besides, a mannequin is used to give photographs a 3D look after removing the mannequin. Well, only expert hands can give great ghost mannequins or invisible mannequins service.

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If you are a fashion product seller running a website for selling products or choose social media platforms to engage local customers, consider ghost mannequins for your own benefit. However, it is not that the ghost mannequin effect is only usable for apparel; rather, it can give an outstanding look to all types of product images. We have mentioned the diverse features of ghost mannequin service that you should consider,

Ghost Mannequin Neck Joint

Although the neck joint is considered a renowned post-processing service, it involves ghost mannequins also. Thus, you can find online services offering neck joint services and ghost mannequins.

Attire photos with a mannequin are distracting, so while it gets removed, a gap appears. By joining the front & back parts in the neck area, a real look of the attire can be given.

In short, this is a blend of multiple pictures of a garment. By applying this effect, we remove the mannequin distractions from the shoulder or neck region to make the clothing completely visible. The service is essential for tank tops or low-cut blouses.

Ghost Mannequin Bottom Joint

We can do that for apparel that needs the backside to be shown. Here in this part, we adjoin two images into one, making it complete.

This efficiently removes the lower half of the mannequin so customers can get a better sense of what the bottom of the clothing looks like – free of distractions. This effect is very functional for displaying sweatshirts, dresses, etc.

Ghost Mannequin Sleeves Joint

For an online business, clothes need to be visible entirely. It includes every delicate part, visible or invisible, for example, sleeves. To display the inner portion of the sleeve, mannequins’ palms or hands need removal.

Sleeves joint service is necessary to add sleeves or take out the mannequin from the sleeves and is appropriate for full-sleeves, short sleeves of jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, etc. Thus this effect guarantees that the sole focus is on the product.

T-Shirt Ghost Mannequin Effect

The usage of T-shirts has increased rapidly all over the world. According to the demand, the t-shirt business has become the first choice for several entrepreneurs & small fashion retailers to grow their business &brand identity. If you are one of them and have a website for selling t-shirts, then the t-shirt ghost mannequin effect is something you need to think about. Using this editing in your eCommerce optimization business will be helpful to boost sales and get more prospects for your website.

Ghost Mannequin Color Correction

Getting the perfect colour match between mannequins & model images can be delicate as well as time-consuming. Just send us your reference image, and let us apply the colour correction to both the model &mannequin images. You will save time, effort, & money while still getting ideal colour-calibrated product pictures!

Ghost Mannequin Shadow Effect

The ghost mannequin shadow effect is a way to provide your product images with realistic shadows & make them more attractive as well. A realistic shadow effect doubtlessly boosts the visual interaction of the product image. But it is not easy to employ the shadow effect in the right Place & in the right way.

While making a ghost mannequin effect to any ecommerce product image, you must consider the shadow effect to give it a proficient look. It will explain to customers that you are so cautious about the quality, even if it is a product image or a real product.

Ghost mannequin is an extremely significant service for those who cannot afford human models. Human models cost a lot. So, the mannequin is the final shelter for those business owners. But the problem with mannequins is you should not show them on the website. It is where the need for a ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin service comes in. Ghost mannequin service takes effort and time. Our Photoshop experts can complete this duty right away. We provide our customers with the best quality without any fault. Our quality team members observe every single detail of your product. We work accurately on that. Our skilled members are available 24/7 to reply to your query or any need.